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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Race Horses - Goodbye Falkenburg: B+

Race Horses attempt to tow the line between the wry narratives of Los Campesinos! and the fetching richness of The Hives. Unfortunately for Race Horses, Goodbye Falkenburg has neither the playback-pleading cleverness of the former nor the immediate catchiness of the latter. And, although Falkenburg is an above average album, it does not bode well for Race Horses that it is released at a time when groups with similar sounds are releasing far superior material at an almost dizzying frequency. Let's hope the group learns fast and finds more definition for their next album.


Jack Rose - Luck in the Valley: B+

To be perfectly honest, Luck in the Valley is basically ten tracks of acoustic noodling. It makes for the pleasantest of pleasant listens. Just don't expect any revelations when the album's over.