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Friday, July 16, 2010

Beach House - Teen Dream: A

In a way, I hate Teen Dream, because everytime I think critically about it, this happens:

- Hmmmm, what's Teen Dream's best song? "Zebra" or "Silver Soul"

- Well, "Zebra"'s just a consistently fantastic song. I'd say go with that.

- But wait. There's no doubting Victoria Legrand's amazing vocal performance in "Silver Soul". It's the stuff of indie rock royalty.

- Absolutely true. "Silver Soul" it is.

- Hey, what about "Norway"? Wasn't that the song that perked your interest in this album in the first place?

- Yeah, you're right. That song is just the perfect single. I have to go with it.

- And not "Walk in the Park"? I saw you the other day singing the shit out of that song! How can't it be the best?

- Oh damn you're right. That song's got legs, whatever that means.

- I'm sorry. I can't stay silent about this if "Used to Be" isn't even mentioned. That song is just perfection in four minutes. It's the most wistfully melancholy song I've ever heard. Are you just only liking the happy songs? Is that it?

- NO NO NO! I would never typecast my favorite songs! "Used To Be" is wonderful!

- And I guess "Lover of Mine" is just chopped liver.

And it's like this for every song on the fucking album. Get this thing. It'll make you forget what a filler is for a month at least.