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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Land of Talk - Cloak and Cipher: B+

Cloak and Cipher begins like a rock band's interpretation of School of Seven Bells's newest album, Disconnect From Desire. Then, as the band begins to get more comfortable, they branch out into a sound all their own, and a great one at that. Then, when you listen to the album, again, you realize those first songs are more unique than you had thought, finally making the whole product a beautifully crafted slice of indie rock.

That's an interesting way to experience an album, I'll admit, but that's pretty how I experienced Cloak and Cipher and the advice that I came away with it for others is that, even if you haven't listened to Disconnect From Desire, give Cloak and Cipher a few more listens if it doesn't quite click with you at first. The album's not so much a grower as an album whose context needs to be realized for its full potential to be felt. Once that happens, Cloak and Cipher can be a very satisfying experience.


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