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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Josh Ritter - So the World Runs Away: B+

Much is made of Josh Ritter by a vocal minority to make it appear as if the singer/songwriter is the most under-appreciated genius in indie rock. Aside from the zeitgeist-bating song titles that bring to mind notable visionaries like Bright Eyes and Elliot Smith, I see very little about Josh Ritter's So the World Runs Away that is deserving of more than a couple cursory glances. There's no doubt that this stuff is aesthetically pleasing, and there is not a single dud to name in the bunch, but so little stands out that it makes the argument that being consistently above average is almost as loathsome as being deliriously inconsistent. Josh Ritter fans will find nothing to fault about So the World Runs Away and neither do I. What can be taken away from this album is that some peoples' labeling of this artist as one of the most profound of this generation should be taken with a bit more skepticism.


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