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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Arctic Monkeys - Suck It and See: B+

I’ve been giving too many B+’s lately. Maybe it’s cynicism, boredom or both, but it seems like there have been less than five albums in the past month that have tickled my fancy enough to warrant any excitement for new music coming out. So I listen to an album, find nothing objectionable with it, slap a B+ on it and move on with my life. This month particularly, I’m finding this blog as more of a job than a hobby.

So obviously I’m feeling a little burnt out, but I don’t think you could have presented me with an album to top off this feeling of mediocrity better than the newest Arctic Monkeys album. The group that produced what I believe to be one of the most obnoxious first singles of all time comes back with their fourth album of UK derp rock. It’s marginally interesting in the nicest sense of the word. Some cool riffs here and there and some faux-erudite lyrics sung in a rich English brood to go over them. The group sounds best when they’re playing loud bass-heavy British rock like in “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair” and “Library Pictures”. You’ve got a decent Heartbreak Hotel metaphor in “Piledriver Waltz” that should keep you engaged for about half a second. Overall, it’s a pretty good listen. Sure, I’d recommend it.

But if you were to call this thing Hade’s ejaculation through the shaft of the River Styx, I wouldn’t blame you. If you chalked Suck It and See up to the boring competency of a group long past its prime and decided to shelve it in favor of playing outside, making love to the opposite sex and learning Arabic, I would probably approve. I mean, I haven’t even talked about the album’s fucking title, which is such an obvious gimmick, you can practically smell the cheap cologne through your speakers as it plays. But alas, is Suck It and See a good album? Sure. Is Suck It and See a bad album? Sure. Is the Chupacabra real? Sure. Is Bismarck the capital of North Dakota? Sure.



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