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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sondre Lerche - Sondre Lerche: B+

Singer/songwriter Sondre Lerche is from Norway, but, musically, he could be from anywhere. He could be a serenading troubadour at a swanky Paris villa. He could be a Brooklyn vagabond strumming an acoustic for the bills people toss his way. He could be a Spanish folk fan who just likes to bring a guitar to the Barcenoleta Beach. He is good looking with a gentle voice and has the songwriting chops to make every song on his self-titled sixth album sound like it just barely missed the cut for the soundtrack to that cute indie flick you’ve just been dying to see. Whether mocking his own erudition in the polite shuffle of “Go Right Ahead” or depicting affectionate puppy love on “Private Caller”, Lerche knows his style and plays it effectively. His newest is certainly nothing groundbreaking, but it hits the right spot if you’re in the mood for some quaint and unassuming fluff. Fault me for not hating Sondre Lerche because of that, but sometimes that’s all you want from an album.


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