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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spoon - Transference: B

For some reason, no matter how many times I try, I cannot get into Spoon. For all the critical acclaim that the band has received over the past decade, I have never really seen the Texas troupe as much more than an outfit content to spend a career coasting on an aura of cool that I'm not sure ever really existed. My only in-depth encounters with the band have been through hearing "I Turn My Camera On", a truly awful song, "The Underdog", actually quite a good song, and this album.

And any notion of Spoon being anything more than an adequate indie rock band was all but abandoned with the hearing of Transference, the band's fifth work. As I alluded to before, too much of Transference relies on the repetition of a few measures of music, and when those measures don't necessarily hold an ear for longer than a minute, Transference can feel like less of an insult and more of just a plain old disappointment.

But, lucky for Spoon, a good portion of the melodies crafted on Transference range from listenable to downright catchy. Songs like "Written in Reverse" and first single "Got Nuffin" prove to be pretty potent earworms. Nothing on Transference gets anywhere near outstanding, however, which only convinces me further that Spoon has just smirked unconvincingly past yet another album, high off a cloud of pure, unadulterated adequacy.


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