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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

These New Puritans - Hidden: B+

There is no doubt that Hidden is an album worth listening to, if for nothing more than the band's use of percussion. For eleven tracks, styles that span the spectrum of musicality are compiled, blended, and, most importantly, manipulated into something purely all its own. For that in itself, Jack Bennett and his group should be applauded.

However, Hidden has its major flaws, the majority of which lie in the fact that its songs, for however interesting they are, don't necessarily go anywhere. And for certain songs, that is fine, but any one that doesn't immediately spark one's interest starts showing some pretty conspicuous cracks once repetition sets in. "Drum Courts - Where the Corals Lie" is the best example of this problem. The song is six minutes of intricately-laid drum beats that begin to wear on one's patience once your realize that the lyrics debase to Barrett teasing you as to where the corals lie by the end of the track.

Despite its flaws, Hidden is a worthy listen; a collection of songs that will surely whet your pallet for music theory, but may be found to be lacking in overall songwriting clout.


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