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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Delorean - Subiza: B+

When you call your newest album Subiza, especially at the tail end of the sun-bleached electronica movement that started in the summer of 2009, you better have the goods to deliver a truly euphoric listening experience. Not only does Delorean succeed with their newest, they craft one of the best longplayers in the genre. From first single, "Real Love" to the literally orgasmic "Stay Close", the Spanish outfit make a pretty damn good case to dance your ass off, or, if you're ensconced in the dissipating chill of mid March, it will make you fantasize about how good things will get in a couple months. Subiza may be low on depth, but it is one of the few glo-fi albums of recent that could be heard a year from now. Besides, depth can be some serious baggage, sometimes.


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