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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Peter Wolf - Midnight Souvenirs: B+

The most notable anecdotal example I have of my experience with this album is that I distinctly remember really enjoying this album when it first came out, but then completely forgetting most of the album's tracks within a few months. This is a little strange, because Midnight Souvenirs is not an inherently forgettable album in that all its tracks are uninteresting. The former J. Geils Band leader exhibits an admirable ear for hooks on his newest album, most notably in first track, "Trajedy". The album's Achilles tendon is simply that, once that last track fades out, I almost immediately forget what was notable about the album. If I listened to Midnight Souvenirs in the morning and you asked me about it that night I wouldn't be able to tell you much, even if you showed me the tracklist (except for "Trajedy", of course). I don't know why the album has this effect on me, especially because, when I remind myself of the album with multiple listens, I really do enjoy it. My recommendation is that, if you like The Rolling Stones and don't mind some Rolling Stone worship, get Midnight Souvenirs, especially "Trajedy". If you can't somehow relate to the album like me, no worry. There are plenty of other releases to appreciate.


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