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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

jj - jj n° 3: B

There's something about jj that I inherently distrust. Honestly, I can't describe it. Maybe it's the quoting of "Around the World" or the badly-concealed boredom apparent in Elin Kastlander's voice, but there's something about this band that makes me believe they are playing music less because they want to make quality stuff and more because they have bills to pay.

Taken away from my purely subjective observation (I have been a little vindictive lately), jj n° 3 is nothing if not adequate. The music on display here is mostly comprised of acoustic strumming ballads with the occasional appearance of sunny, reverb-drenched glo-fi. Nothing particularly astounds, but, then again, nothing particularly disgusts, so I guess, technically, it's a win. If you need something to listen to while you cook some brie or if you're having a little trouble sleeping, this might do the trick. And if I finish that analogy, I will be giving in to a music-review cliche so hackneyed it'll almost perfectly fit the album, itself.


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