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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ulcerate - Destroyers of All: C / Mitochondrion - Parasignosis: C

I keep going back and forth on which of these I dislike more. Both Mitochondrion and Ulcerate dole out the kind of vomit-metal nonsense that always seems to get shat out in the beginning of the New Year. I don’t recommend either, but let’s size each of one up so you can decide which you’d rather not listen to.

Ulcerate are from New Zealand. The only thing about them that makes them at all notable is that they clearly try to copy the plinking-guitar-melody/unrelenting-blastbeats combination that Deathspell Omega have been known for and implemented to much greater effect on their 2010 album, Paracletus. So not only are they awful, but they are unoriginal. And they’re a metal band from New Zealand. That is all.

Mitochondrion’s the better known of the two groups here, and the fact that The Destroyers of Us All is so painfully uninspired should make their newest album the winner by default. But, if you ever wanted to even your odds with an outright shitty album with an album that at least doesn’t show a completely horrendous style of songwriting, peppering your album with bouts of ambient machine work, one in which happens to be your nine and a half minute closing track, is a pretty damn good way of doing it.

So let’s call it even. CNN style. Neither album overtakes the other, and neither of these albums is worth your time. Tune in the next couple months when the actual meaningful metal albums start coming in.


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