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Friday, July 23, 2010

Citay - Dream Get Together: B+

The first band that came to mind while listening to Dream Get Together was Boston. Now, Citay's brand of rock and roll is a little bit farther up the Appalachian trail if you know what I mean. Riffs like that of "Careful With That Hat" are far too immediately jovial to be featured on any of that band's records, but those twin guitar leads and that feathered production make it hard to think of any other reference point short of just citing all of the rock of the 1970's.

Dream Get Together is its own album, mind you. Song lengths are vast and group vocals are employed, often, creating a sound that is nothing if not rich; something to, at the very least, marvel at when the guitar solos get a little long-winded. On that note, sometimes you wish that Citay would just write a regular pop-song, because you know, with all the elements they employ on Dream Get Together, they would do it masterfully. But I guess that dedication to the purity of their craft is another reason to enjoy Dream Get Together, even if, at times, you may find it difficult to do so.


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