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Friday, July 23, 2010

Four Tet - There Is Love in You: C+

For an album that has been so critically reveled, I am surprised at how little of a reaction I got from Four Tet's newest album. In my M.I.A. review, I spoke of songs that just wash over me with little fanfare in any particular direction, but when There Is Love In You finished the first time I heard it, I almost immediately forgot what I had just listened to. It's not so much that the album is boring, but the quintessence of forgettable. I would suggest just listening to There Is Love In You only if you were desperate for some sort of musical accompaniment, but, you could probably get more revelations if you kept your window open. At least then there's a sliver of a chance something interesting will happen, whereas, on There Is Love In You, that chance is all but obliterated. The concept of why people find so much to like in this record is almost as difficult to me as trying to remember the title of this album AS I REVIEW IT. I would say that There Is Love In You is a snooze, but it doesn't even help you sleep, either. So you tell me: What the hell is the point of this album?


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