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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Massive Attack - Heligoland: B+

Some may cringe at the mention of this, but I believe that Heligoland is the sound of an artist getting comfortable. The album finds Massive Attack playing slower songs with more atmosphere and a lot less urgency. Its songs convey emotions ranging from the yearning to the depressed, and you can put the smart money on the fact that the only thing Massive Attack will not sound like is energetic. Which, to me, is fine. However much you can try to pan the band for its rapturous ennui, Heligoland never gets boring. "Girl I Love You", which features an excellent vocal performance from frequent Massive Attack collaborator, Horace Andy, is a slow-burn album highlight. The song, itself, never gets particularly close to lifting off, but boy does it have a hell of a time at the launching pad. Heligoland is nothing if not placid, but it makes for good musical accompaniment even if it doesn't perform well on the dance floor.


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