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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sade - Soldier of Love: B+

"Soldier of Love"

Anyone looking for a reason why Sade, at 50 years old, looks so youthful, may want to look to her music for answers. On her first album in ten years, the songstress barely raises her voice, only doing so to tell us she's a soldier on the title track. For the majority of Soldier of Love, Sade remains admirably reserved.

She most definitely gets down, though, on Soldier of Love. Make no mistake: This is baby-making music. Whether it be through the stoic posturing of the title track or the loving caress of "Morning Bird", Sade will either make you feel like the most loved person on Earth or jealous as fuck of the guy she continually admires. "Baby Father" is a cute and heartwarming ode to fatherhood, "In Another Time", a reassurance to that wronged woman out there, and "Long Hard Road", that token track that reassures all that redemption will never come easy.

Sure it may all start to congeal after a while, but the combination of this album and a kettle of camomile and you'll be wondering where the hell your Sunday afternoon went in no time. It seems a little strange that it would take Sade so long to make Soldier of Love, but it's a welcome return. Besides, if I ask questions, the album will just smooch me and give me a well-deserved hug.


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