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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Watson Twins - Talking to You, Talking to Me: B

One of my favorite internet videos is that of a man playing music for a wedding whose life becomes a lot more complicated quite abruptly and quite hilariously at the hands (or elbow) of one of his patrons. I love mindless displeasure as much as the next guy, but the reason why I find myself uncontrollably laughing every time I watch this video is because I find the music prior to the incident so abhorrent for its maligned homeliness, I get some sick satisfaction out of its creator receiving his just desserts. The music in question is the kind of cheesy wedding music I have always hated as a kid and have savored the thought of destroying along with "The Macarena" and "The Electric Slide" to make way for the embarrassing music of my generation. "Tell Me Why", the ninth track off The Watson Twins' Talkin' to You, Talkin' to Me comes so close to that repugnant adult contemporary, I have no other recourse but the gnash my teeth every time I listen to it.

But thank God the rest of Talkin' to You, Talkin' to Me isn't like that, because, if it was, Infinite Body would have some stiff competition for worst album of the year. Instead, the album is quite pleasant even if it refuses to push any envelopes. "Modern Man", "Harpeth River", "Forever Me" and "Devil in You" all have this nice reverence to dulled jazz, but never go headlong into Norah Jones territory. Talkin' to You is nothing if not consistent, so you very well could find it worth your time... provided you immediately delete "Tell Me Why" upon getting it (and don't forget to empty the trash. That shit will come back.)


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