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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Greatest Albums of 2011: #47: Yuck - Yuck

Every time I hear the snare-snapping intro to “Operation” nine tracks into London band Yuck’s debut, I’m startled. On any other album that would ever consider itself remotely rock, such an intro would hardly be out of the ordinary, but Yuck is such an incredibly soothing album that so much as an elevated bass drum can make you feel like a bomb just went off. Its beauty is apparent immediately, gently pulling you into its world with treats like “The Wall” and “Suicide Policeman.” And, sure, that journey is abruptly interrupted with that “Operation” intro, but it isn’t long before you forget about it and the beauty goo reattaches to your synapses.  It’s good that Yuck ends in a flurry of distortion on “Rubber,” because it’s too peaceful to do anything but disintegrate. After all, there’s nothing worse than that sticky pink residue that’s left after eating the perfect cotton candy.  


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