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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Greatest Songs of 2011: #49: Ill Blu - "Meltdown"

A lot of music publications putting “Meltdown” on their year-end lists will give you a lot of history that will run tangential to any substantive commentary about the track. Perhaps they will tell you what movement of electronic music it came from, the history of singles Ill Blu has produced over the years to get to this point, how the track’s relevant to the constantly shifting phalanx of grimestep or whatever and maybe even link it to an asinine hype genre like moombahton.

I know none of that stuff, nor do I particularly care to learn it. What I do know is that I like the way “Meltdown” makes me feel. I like how the synths and percussion jab at me like pistons. I like the synthetic haze that conflicts with the tribal drums that begin the track, like “Sandstorm”’s trying to get into the party, but the bouncer won’t let it in. The song reminds me of a Night at the Roxbury type situation with a room full of Will Ferrells and Chris Kattans. A girl gets into a groove, but is inevitably disgusted to the point where she utters the track’s ubiquitous “Ew,” and moves on, only to be disappointed again.  She keeps trying though, as the song fades into the horizon and the “Ew”’s grow distant. It’s a bittersweet ending for a song that’s actually pretty sweet if you don’t overanalyze the shit out of it.


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