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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Greatest Songs of 2011: #47: Wild Flag - "Romance"

Some songs you just know what the music video’s going to look like. If the video for “Romance” didn’t feature car chases and some form of mischief, it would be borderline criminal. You could spook some old people, have a house party while the folks aren't home or, like in the actual music video, steal a coffee shop's inventory. That works too. As long as you have some visual accompaniment to this song's bravado, its oomph, its chutzpah. Personally, when I hear “Romance,” I think of the van scene in Old School. (One of the few times I would ever be okay with swapping out “Master of Puppets” for a different song.) The track tows the same line of 90’s indie rock that some of the members of Wild Flag came to define with other bands, but it still feels unquestionably contemporary. Because being a dick never goes out of style. Lesson learned.


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