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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Greatest Albums of 2011: #37: The Psychic Paramount - II

I guess it makes sense that it took The Psychic Paramount took five years to write II. An album like it isn’t just made when a couple guys get in a room with some riffs and beats and play around with them until they get a product. What’s so interesting about II is that it has no riffs and it has no structure. The feeling one gets from listening to it is that of being numbed by genius. Music like it only comes from years and years of hammering out the most basic tenets that emerge from the primordial swamps of psychedelic rock and committing to disk that version of… that. But anyone who’s listened to II will tell you there’s an end; hell, it feels like it’s evolving right in front of you. Its frantic pace and professionalism complement each other like the best instrumental bands can’t help but do. And just as it’s constantly evolving, it feels incomplete. Its forty minutes feel like a snippet of something much larger. Put it on a loop and you might never turn it off.


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