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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Greatest Songs of 2011: #40: WU LYF - "Heavy Pop"

WU LYF strike me as a group of cavemen. Their songs appeal to human’s primal need for anthems, the singing of frontman Ellery Roberts is almost indecipherable, and the heavy reverb that surrounds the band’s debut album, Go Tell Fire to the Mountain sounds like the group’s playing in some cave dwelling, perhaps by a crackling fire with a buffalo flank skewered above it.

So it makes sense that the song about camaraderie on Go Tell Fire is called “We Bros,” and that the pop song on the album is called “Heavy Pop.” It’s also no surprise that said “Heavy Pop” has an extended organ introduction, the go-to clichĂ© of all post-U2 indie rock, which settles into a jostling groove that puts all the group’s trademark qualities in the most flattering light. Save for the organ introduction, “Heavy Pop” goes by briskly and leaves you with the urge to shuffle your feet in some desert. Like all utilitarian pop songs, it does its job economically, being incredibly basic but incredibly satisfying. WU LYF do good? No, WU LYF do great. 


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